Vegan Friendly Gluten Free Friendly

 A Nerdy-American Eatery

Chef Driven Family Restaurant

Chef Driven Family Restaurant

Chef Driven Family Restaurant Chef Driven Family Restaurant


Nearby Lots

Corner of 12th and F

12th Street Mid Block -

Street Parking

Best Bet is E St. Lots of open spots

Night Parking

So many open spaces after 5pm

Safe, Quiet Area. Why fight the mess downtown??

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Culinerdy Kitchen

524 12th Street, Sacramento, California 95814, United States


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11:00 am – 09:00 pm

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About Me


Welcome to My Kitchen!

I approach cooking with an emphasis on emotion, memories and how they make you feel and using ingredients that are sustainable, responsibly sourced and local to our beautiful Sacramento region! When not in my kitchen, I'm often studying food science, playing RPG Games, Perfecting my Magic: The gathering game and enjoying laughs and rambling conversations with my son. My favorite food is anything shared the reminds you that life is fun. 

This unique restaurant offers, amazing burgers, vegan burgers, mac and cheese, and the legendary Brussels Sprouts.

In the AM you can satisfy your craving for breakfast restaurants with our huge Pancake menu! 


What does Culinerdy mean?

Answer: A fanatical passion for the science and craft of food. A lifelong fixation to know as much as possible about all aspects of the eating experience. Science, Research, Testing, Physiology, all these go into what makes that experience sublime. 

We strive for Perfection in every bite.

everything is Hand-Crafted and Creatively Designed.